Powdered Sugar

Don’t you dislike it when you run out of something like powdered sugar or find you don’t have it in the house in the middle of a recipe? Now you have to make that decision to either skip it, run to the store, or find a substitute and hope it works out. Well, if you’re like me, you start thinking, “What did they do in the old days? Did they make their own? If so, how?” This kind of thinking has caused me to stumble on a few make-it-at-home items. I plan to not buy them at the store anymore if I can help it. The one that I will go over today is Powdered Sugar.

How to make Powdered Sugar at Home

Things you will need:

  • Coffee grinder
  • White Sugar


Here is what you do:

Add sugar to coffee grinder and blend for a few seconds.


Now you have your very own homemade powdered sugar!


This is the perfect make-it-myself item for me. I don’t have many recipes that call for powder sugar, so now I don’t have to go to the store to get it on the rare occasion that a recipe calls for it.

Note: The texture will be a little different from the store powdered sugar. You many want to use more or less depending on your taste. In order to get an idea on the ratio of how much sugar is needed to get the same amount of powdered sugar, I did 1 tablespoon of sugar and got about 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of powdered sugar. So plan on getting a little more powdered sugar than the sugar you put in the grinder. Be sure to remeasure your powdered sugar before adding it to your recipe.


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