Syrup without the extra junk

When I look at the back of a typical syrup bottle and read what the label lists in the ingredients section, it really does make me sad what passes as “fit for human consumption” these days. We trust that the FDA would not let it in the store if it was not “ok” to eat… However, things like high fructose, artificial flavors, coloring and all those long hard-to-pronounce words are just a hint that this may not be the best thing to put into our bodies.

Not to say that my family never consumes these items. I just try my best to limit them as much as I possibly can. Lets face it: on special occasions where you are eating out or a guest in someone else’s home, it would be pretty impossible to eat 100% clean unless the people you are around have the same eating habits (or you brought your own food). Sometimes bringing your own food is not an option. We all just need to do our best to be informed and make choices that work best for our families. Store-bought cheap syrup is one of the items I am trying to steer my family away from as much as possible. We did the 100% pure maple syrup for a while (very good), but that is not cheap. So I decided that we would try just putting fruit on top of our pancakes or make our own syrup. Here is what worked for us.

You will need:

  • 1 cup Water (filtered)
  • 1 cup Sugar (I used organic cane sugar)
  • 1 Tablespoon Molasses


Add water to pan at medium heat.


Add sugar to water and stir it in.


Add molasses  and stir.




Turn heat up and stir.


Once mixture starts to really bubble remove form heat and let cool.

Once cooled add to a container to store in. I use a glass canning jar and a reCAP pour cap found on at the link below.

This will be runnier then the syrup you buy at the store, but the same consistency as the pure syrup.




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