Sun Tea

A fun beverage to be creative with for me is sun tea. It is so simple to make.

Sun Tea

You will need:

  • 1/2 gallon glass jar with lid
  • Tea
  • Purified water

Here is what  you do:

Add water to your glass jar.


Add tea bags.


You can use tea bags or loose leaf tea (6-8 teaspoons). You can add more or less depending on how strong of a tea flavor you are looking for. If you use loose leaf tea you will need to strain the herbs out before drinking it. I am using 4 tea bags.


Attach lid to jar. I used the Ball wide mouth jar storage caps. You can get them on Amazon or in some stores. I am sure you could just use a coffee filter and rubber band too. Just be sure you cover it so bugs can’t get into your sun tea.


Let it sit in the sun 3 hours or more.


After 30 minutes or so the liquid will start to turn color.


After a few hours you have some yummy sun tea.


You can drink it unsweetened, add some honey, or add cane sugar to taste. Have fun mixing all kinds of flavors. I have done green tea with raspberry, and just green tea with some lemon or lime juice to taste. You can add fresh or frozen fruit to your tea, too. Mint is a great herb to add to sun tea as well.


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