Cold Frame Gardening

I like gardening. Being that I live in MN, the gardening season is very short. I am not a fan of starting plants inside as I don’t have the space for all the plants. I have been hearing a lot about cold frame gardening and winter gardening. I thought I would try my had at both this year and see if in the cold tundra of MN I could actually get something to grow outside. The idea (as I understand it) is to get plants for an early spring harvest. I will up date this in the spring and let you know how it works out.

Here is the frame my awesome husband made for me using some scrap wood and old windows we replaced.


Plant your seeds before the first frost.


Be sure to mark your rows. I used some small craft sticks I had on hand from another project. Also one of my free seeds came with a popsicle still marker.


Root vegetables work best for a cold frame garden, from what I hear. These are the ones I planted in my cold frame garden. I just used some cheap seeds I had on hand. If it works well I will use my good non-GMO heirloom seeds next time.


First big snow fall. Can’t wait to see what spring brings!


Is it spring yet? 🙂


MN has had a pretty dry, warm spring. I have been waiting on posting anything until I saw more growth. I was not watering these, but as we got into the high 70s, I started to water and open the box. I did see some spinach come up, but nothing else yet. I will let you know if anything else comes up.


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