Winter Gardening

Here is my attempt at winter gardening in MN. It seems when I look for winter gardening in MN, I hit a dead end unless it is a heated greenhouse that is not in my budget. Places with outdoor winter gardens like NJ don’t quite have the same winter as MN. So we will see if this works or not.  I found the instructions for this on this web page: Winter Gardening You will need:

  • Plastic containers
  • Drill for making holes
  • Permanent marker
  • Seeds
  • Dirt
  • Utility knife
  • Duct tape

First, clean out your containers, Drill holes in the bottom and lower sides of the container, cut open containers on three sides–just enough to plant seeds, but don’t cut the whole top off. Add dirt.

Add seeds


Label planting date and seed type.


Tape sides to secure lid.


Place in an area that will get good sun.


Our first snow!


Excited to see what spring brings with this experiment. I will update in the spring.


So far, nothing to report on the Winter Garden. MN has had a pretty dry, warm spring. I have been waiting on posting anything until I saw something grow. I am not watering as I want to see if anything will happen when we get more rain. So far—just dirt. I know the seeds are good as I planted them in the garden last year and they produced. Could just be the lack of rain this spring, or it could be too cold in MN to plant in the fall and let them sit all winter. It might be better to set them out in March. I will let you know if anything comes up.


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