Napoleon Dynamite Date Night!

Themed date nights can be a lot of fun to create. At our home we make it a point to do a date night once a week. We rotate who is in charge of planning the date each week. It can be as simple as watching a movie, playing a game, or going out and doing something. One of the themed date nights that I did that was a Napoleon Dynamite-themed date night. It was lot of fun to pull off.

For a Napoleon Dynamite date night, here is what you will need:

  • Napoleon Dynamite movie
  • Cake (if you don’t want to “build” a cake you can buy one)
  • A note inviting your “soulmate” to be your date for the night

Here is what I did:

I built a cake and did the whole Pedro-asking-Summer-out-with-a-cake scene. Since it was summer I made an angel food cake and put some cool whip blobs with red-hots in the middle on the top for decoration. We added the strawberries later so the cake would not get soggy as we ate dinner. For dinner you can either make something, catch your date a delicious bass, go out to eat, or order in; whatever works with your plan and budget.

If you don’t own this movie you can either borrow, rent, or see if your local library has it for free.


I made my cake in the afternoon and anxiously waited for my husband to come home. I then snuck out the back door and set the cake on the door step with a personalized note on top. I then rung the door bell and hid. I am sure the neighbors were amused. I must say I executed it perfectly and did not get caught sneaking out or placing the cake on the steps. I did the same note front as they did in the movie, and personalized the inside of the note with some favorite lines from the movie. Be creative and have fun with it!


If you are not a fan of Napoleon Dynamite you can always do another movie too. Find something you both can enjoy and make a memory. Keep it simple and have fun!

P.S.  My husband says this was one of the most memorable date nights yet!


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